Unfortunately grammar is essential if you want to learn a language. In each of the building blocks in our building block system there is a certain amount of grammar; however, we recommend participants take some additional lessons in grammar. Once the grammar lessons are ordered, the instructor will include them in the lesson plan in the most logical order possible, or – if the participants prefer – the sequence in which the grammar lessons are taught can be agreed upon before the course begins.

Basic Grammar
  • the simple tenses in the active voice
  • pronouns
  • expressing amounts
  • simple prepositions
  • adjectives and adverbs
  • simple modal verbs
  • relative clauses

Intermediate Grammar
  • the simple tenses in the passive voice
  • modal verbs used in simple delegation
  • conditional sentences
  • the proper use of articles
  • plurals and genitives
  • the comparative and superlative
  • two part verbs
  • indirect speech

Advanced Grammar
  • complex sentence construction
  • complex delegation
  • subject-verb agreement
  • proper punctuation
  • separable and inseparable verbs
  • gerunds and participles

Translation Skills
  • German-English, English-German
  • abbreviating correctly

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